How to Maintain Employee Retention Ratio?

Folk are at the core of any successful company or organization. However, the advanced technology and high designed system can improve workflow, it is the people who truly keep business alive. For many business owners, virtually there is nothing more important and valuable than a motivated, talented and high experience employees who can be trusted to produce quality work as well encourage others.
employee retention programs
Only exceptional employees usually excel for some reasons. Strong management and effective communication are essential to avoid such issues. By engaging employees through team building activities, business programs and offering an effective communication platform, you have better chance retaining employees for the long haul.

Motivated and trusted employees have the ability and they can help to grow your business. To ensure long term success and making it essential, you need to have an effective employee retention program.

The successful employee retention program comes from the communication and team building activities. Saying “thank you” or showing appreciation is another way to keep employee relation stronger.

Take advantage of team building opportunities and build strong connections between your employees and high level leaders.

Don’t forget, the main goal of any Employee Retention Programs if to gain loyal employees. There are many options to develop employee loyalty in your organization. Recognition and Reward are two great way to let your employees know you valued their work, you appreciate your work and want them to continue to do well.

Remember, financial rewards are not everything. It is only one way to retain employees. Without a positive work environment, and strong relationships, it can be difficult for well paid employees to thrive into the stressful and negative circumstances.

Top Spin Marketing believes that talented employees do not search for an employer who give them fact check, they look for employer who give them meaningful job and platform.


Does your Incentive Plans Actually Benefit your Employees?

sales incentive programs

You are newly joined at a company and new to the sales manager position. Your superiors give task to create incentive plan for employees and team. Now what to do?

To be very clear with incentive programs they are meant to benefit employees at any cost. But, not all plans are accomplished as they are set out to achieve. Therefore, it is very important to research before creating any Sales Incentive Programs, figure out the factors that highly promote the performance of employees at same time, encourage their behavior too.

This is reality and especially true for the sales manager and sales people as they are responsible for achieving company’s profit target. And incentive programs are used to motivate and encourage employees to increase productivity. Only the successful sales incentive program will not only improve employees’ performance, it will indirectly promote their behavior as well.

What you do for Management Team?

They are often difficult to create as they plan management team. Their duty is to manage the work to maximize sales and profit. But there are certain problems caused with it. What are they, let’s take a look,

Stocks plans and options are not might serves the actual incentive to the management team but when those options are issued with some incentive plans, the result bring a way to earn money at least.

Often, companies restrict timing for stock options. Still some time, in certain conditions, they allow sales team to sell shares in public and allow them to plan for another stock option will serve equally to the company and offer a chance to gain some sort of incentive to the manager too.

However, there are sort of advantages and disadvantages, but the research and analysis make the optimal solution of disadvantages and showcase the advantages. With the help of agency and marketing companies, you can create effective sales incentive program for your company.

Top Spin Marketing  is always there for you. If you are confused or not getting about ideas, call us today at 864-282-0005 today. We will guide you to create an upcoming sales incentive plan with our best efforts.

Secret of Incentive Programs for Employees

Many chief executives and managers worry that they are dealing alone with their employees. The recession and poor employee moral has deducted employee engagement in the workforce. What you can do with your work to rise again? How to get them back on the track?

incentive programs for employees

There is only one human expert resource to motivate them; incentive programs for employees. The programs that come for limited workforce and varies from company to company. Such programs reinforce the willingness of majority employees.

Here are some issues that reveal secrets of incentive programs,

What are your company’s stats?

Deploying incentive programs, you can measure the mental state of your employees. You can re-claim your company’s culture and introduce it with your employees. If employees will be aware with the culture going on in their company, then to adjust to it and create most likely environment over there.

The reward that companies given to the employees will help you to advance your long term goals and boost their moral too.

What really motivate your employees?

We all know that cash is king. It’s all about money. But certainly it’s not true. Yes, money matter, but it is far away from the currency of motivation. It is a physiological link that one employee does his job well done, he expect appreciation.

Provide your employees options for the rewards, and give freedom to choose a meaningful reward for them. Bonus won’t always work. It is ineffective and long term influencing offered.

Like your employee worked weekends and long hours to meet the deadline and accomplish target within the time. A company can motivate him by sponsoring his family trip or holidays. Such will motivate him to work hard.

What are you doing? You are motivating entire team or just start performers?

We all know statistics very well. Only your 2 true employees out of 10 can drive majority revenue. But this equation won’t work for employee engagement. Your high engages workers are doing well, but what about your low to engage employees?

If you’re implementing incentive programs for the workforce, it should go across all employees. Don’t just shower your appreciation on star performers, spread the wealth equally.

Once, you succeed to capture attention of your employee, do not stop there. Engagement requires ongoing attention of employees. Be very clear that you have a strong team who are aware with their goals. Set milestone for each and track their performance and according to that set reward for each. Get involved, give incentive and get succeed.

Topspin Marketing is working on incentive programs for employees. We analysis each aspect of the company, set goals and design your next incentive programs that motivate your employees.

What is your Next Custom Trade Show Displays Idea?

custom trade show displays

There are numerous companies trying to catch attention of audience at trade shows. They just pull them and talk about their business, services, products and handout branded promotional products; even they do every possible thing to grab new customers.

At trade show, most of companies use same tactics and your audience will forget which one was you. But there is one smarter way to standout your exhibition booth as well as you business at the next trade show.

Here we are, the Topspinmarketing with exciting new ideas for you next trades show.

Make You Trade Show Booth Unique
Brainstorm you mind and do something different for you display booth. Design your booth with creative way. Get the unseen Custom Trade Show Display. Whether it showcasing something unique or featuring any activity to draw audience at your booth.

Promote Your Business with Creativity
What is key factor that draw possible audience to your booth when you have more than 100 competitors at same place. Well, you can hold any contest or event at your booth. Get excited and excite your customers about what’s new you are doing for them.

Create the Buzz
Make the rest of your company ware of your presence at the trade show. Encourage them to talk about your trad show and take advantage of their power of their individual connections. If they can actually relate you, tell them to promote it on their personal as well as corporate social media.

At topspinmarketing, we believe that your trade show display should be unique as your company. We will uniquely design your trade show display that you can modify and use for your upcoming events also. To get more ideas call us at 1-877-986-7774 today.

The 3 Major Benefits of having Branded Personalized Promotional Items

personalized promotional items

When a company is looking for a promotional product, they are looking for something that is going to serve any important purpose.

As the expert for ideas of custom promotional and corporate gifts, we know the power of branding and the utilization of the term. A brand is a name, term, symbol, signal whatever that stand for business and used them to identify any service that is well known.

When we are talking about branding, then you should know the benefits of using promotional products for branding. Here are,

Great Memory: With distinctive colors, brand name, logo and attractive behavior can be served as a representative icon for your business. The brand can be proven as an element of a reputation that really makes you stand out from the competitors.

Brand Loyalty: Customers more likely get back to the brand they have a positive experience with. In fact, advantages doesn’t stop there, they also recommend your business to the friend, relatives and family.

Get New Customers Familiar with your Brand: Not only your regular customers, but branded Personalized Promotional Items can have a large impact on non-customers as well. When your customers encountered your company enough times they will begin recommend you without doing business with you.

Goodwill and reputation of your company in the market are more important to make your company known. The promotional products will spread company name and restore the good reputation of the company.

How Topspin Can help you?

Don’t spend more money for branding your business. Think about the purpose you are giving away the products.

At Topspinmarketing, we have a vast range of promotional products and brand building ideas. We are always there for you to get best products that match with your brand. Visit our website today to get more information about branding and branding products.

Creating a Healthy Working Environment with Retention Programs

The phrase “finder’s keepers, loser’s weepers” is a good way to explain the importance of Employee Retention Programs. Finding talented people and keeping them in your organization is very important or else your competitors will take the first opportunity to grab your qualified staff. Organizations invest a lot of money in training their staff and losing them to the competition is like a blow in the stomach.

employee retention programs
To keep up a healthy working environment you need to keep your employees happy or else they may leave for another company. Once one goes, others may follow and this could have an adverse effect on your customers as well. Especially if a member of the sales team leaves, customers who used to deal specifically with that employee may also walk away. In order to avoid this from happening, organizations need to use the following tips to keep their profit-making staff.

  • Reward, recognize and appreciate your employees for their efforts. Along with monetary incentives, more personal rewards can go a long way to motivate and keep employees happy. This may include time off, a trip or an invitation to a company retreat. Also take time to recognize achievements…even a hand written note with a simple thank you is greatly appreciated.
  • Employees are always looking for opportunities to increase their knowledge and so you as the employer need to encourage them to attend seminars and training sessions so that they can meet their personal goals for growth.
  • Many company presidents and CEO’s don’t know who does what in their organization, especially the junior employees. Although it is impossible for the CEO of a multinational company to know the names and designations of all the employees in the organization it is important for the well-being of the company that he should make an effort to meet and interact with the staff in a visible way.
  • Finally, treat each employee in a fair and equal way. Distribution of incentives should be carried out in a way that is fair to all staff members.

Branding – Tips For Creating Unique Logo Designs

custom appearel printing

They say a picture speaks a thousand words; similarly a good design for your logo can either make your brand or break it. Designing a logo may seem simple but a lot of hard work and effort goes into making a unique and pleasant design. Your company logo will create an image of your brand in the mind of the consumer and will also help in the selection of Personalized Promotional Items.

Below are a few tips to remember when designing a logo yourself.

  1. Simple is better, the design has to be different but simple enough to be embossed on your products and custom-made gifts.
  2. Create a design that will have people guessing what it is. The experience of trying to figure out what exactly a logo represents will bring you closer to the customer.
  3. The choice of color you select for your design should be vibrant. Colors should look good on your products as well as promotional items.
  4. Create various sketches of the logo and keep all of them even after you have made your selection.
  5. The logo must mean something. Just as a painting has a story to tell so should your logo.
  6. The logo should imprint its self in the memory of the consumer so that every time they see it, they remember your brand.
  7. Adaptability, printing the logo onto other materials apart from your product should be easy. Custom Apparel Printing is very important for personalizing t-shirts, polo’s, jackets, etc.

Many professional companies can help you design a logo, search online to find companies that specialize in this field, see their portfolio and ask the ones  whose designs you like for quotations.